Quebec Challenge 1000th Challenge Entry Form  


7 OVCA teams vs 7 Quebec teams

Men’s single team entry (4 players)

Cost: Minimum bid to start at $300

Bidding process: base bids are $300 with $20 increments. Ties will be decided by order of entries received.
Club eligibility: Clubs must bid an entry where they are affiliated (OVCA or QC).

Multiple entries are allowed but only the top bid will be accepted unless there are other spots available

To enter a bid to enter a team, fill out all the information on the form, then click "Submit"

Entry deadline: January 10, payments due by January 20

The entrees for the highest bid from each club are shown in the bottom section of this form.
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Bid $   (Minimum bid $300 with $20 increments)  
Submissions are sorted by the highest bid amount and order of entry received.
If a club has more than one submission, only the highest bid or 1st entry received is shown.

Top OVCA submissions for each club
OVCA Highest Bid: $
Club Skip Submission Date

Top Quebec submissions for each club
Quebec Highest Bid: $ 320
Club Skip Submission Date
Club de Curling de Danville Bruce Lockwood 2019-10-15
Club de Curling Bedford Luc Giroux 2019-10-17
Baie DUrfe Curling Club Fred Lawton 2019-10-07
St. Lambert Curling Club Paul Fantie 2019-10-07
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