President's Men Championship  

The Canadian Branch President's Men's Championship competition is a single team double knockout event. Teams are from Ontario-Quebec-GNCC. This is an intermediate level curling international competition

First played in 1875 as a double rink event and played over 21 ends. In 1914 the competition was changed to a single rink event and games were reduced to 16 ends. The finals for this competition consisted of 4 teams from the Montreal district, 3 teams from the Ottawa district, and 1 team from each of the other 9 districts of the Canadian Branch. This resulted in a 16 team Championship Final Competition that was played for in Montreal each year. In recent years, this event has been hosted at the home club of the President of the Canadian Branch. The Presidency of the Canadian Branch alternates between Ontario and Quebec so that one year this event is hosted in Quebec and the next year it is hosted in Ontario. The current President of the Canadian Branch is Jeremy MacDonald who plays out of the North Grenville Curling Club in Kemptville Ontario. The current format allows for 8 teams from Ontario, 8 teams from Quebec, and now 8 teams from the GNCC to play off for the championship in a 24 team double knockout format.