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2017 to 2018 Challenge Procedure & Schedule

Below is the Quebec Challenge Cup schedule for the 2017-18 season. If a Club does not wish to challenge or cannot meet the date, the challenge will be passed to the next Club. The Club must advise the Branch in writing that they do not wish to challenge.

It is the responsibility of the winning team to contact Jim Mastine or Robert Dods. They will advise the challenging club who is the present holder and the person they should communicate with. Following this contact it will be the responsibility of the two (2) clubs to strictly adhere to this schedule.
Jim Mastine: email –
                      Tel: 819-845-7725
Robert Dods: email:
                       Tel: 514-695-9796   cell: 514-246-4940


Challenge NO.                 Club                            vs                       Before/Avant

     976                         Almonte                   Baie D’Urfé                Oct. 1, 2017
     977                         Winchester               Winner/Gagnant         Oct. 22, 2017
     978                         Prescott                   Winner/Gagnant         Nov. 12, 2017
     979                         Mount Bruno            Winner/Gagnant         Dec. 5, 2017
     980                         Border                     Winner/Gagnant         Dec. 31, 2017
     981                         Maxville                  Winner/Gagnant         Jan. 21, 2018
     982                         RCMP Ottawa            Winner/Gagnant         Feb. 11, 2018
     983                         Montreal Thistle       Winner/Gagnant         Mar. 4, 2018
     984                         Magog                     Winner/Gagnant         Mar. 25, 2018
     985                         Lancaster                 Winner/Gagnant         Apr. 22, 2018


The Quebec Challenge Cup is the oldest competitive trophy in North America. It has been continually contested since 1874. The series is open to any club involved with the OVCA or Curling Quebec as an event under the Canadian Branch. Due to the vast number of clubs waiting to challenge for the Cup, it is typically a 5-7 year cycle to get another chance to challenge for this large, prestigious trophy.

The Quebec Challenge involves having a 10-end double rink curling game. At the conclusion of each challenge, the Cup is awarded to the club with the highest aggregate score.

There are many traditions that have been maintained throughout these 100 plus years of competition. The host club welcomes the opposition with pre-game libations. After five ends of curling, the teams stack their brooms, take a half-time break and enjoy more refreshments and enlightening conversations. Back to finish the competition, and when the scores are tallied and the winner is determined, it is time to head inside to enjoy even more rituals that come with the Quebec Challenge. A post- game meal is prepared by the host club and enjoyed by all. And finally it is time for the cup to be filled, not with just any beverage, but with a Rusty Nail of mammoth proportion, that is not to be enjoyed solely by the winning team, but is to be passed from player to player on every team until the cup is emptied.